Dr. Juha Suonpää (b. 1963) is an Adjunct professor in Art, Environmental and Nature Photography (Lapland University), Doctor of Arts (Aalto University/UIAH) and a Master of Education (Tampere University). Suonpää works as the principal lecturer of visual culture in the international Degree programme in Media and Arts at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, School of Art, Music and Media (TAMK). As a full timer, he has worked among others as a Head of Fine Art department (deputy, 2004-2005), Head of the Fine Art Degree Programme (2007-2017) and as a Academy Research Fellow (Finnish Academy 2007-08). At the moment he is Senior Academy researcher and project manager in Finnish Academy CICAT2025 project and Virtual Medicine ESR EU-project. He has been visiting professor in Wuhan Textile University (China 2018), Ontario College of Art and Design University (Toronto 2011) and Chung Ang University (South-Korea 2009). Suonpää has exhibited internationally and published documentary films, numerous academic monographs and articles and researched, for example, topics related to photography, visualizing science and the construction of the identity of a place. Because of his work on the field of art and science, Suonpää was awarded with the Science Award of Pirkanmaa Regional Fund in 2000, the Finnfoto award in 2011, the Cultural Work Award from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland in 2013 and the Majaoja award in 2017.