Q: What are the accepted image file formats?


Q: What is the maximum file size?

A: 5 MB for all files combined. If you have larger files (e.g. video files) you can add them as a link.

Q: What is the optimal image picture size for application?

A: Screen resolution only. A maximum of 2000 pixels is recommended to keep the file size down, and approximately 1000 pixels is enough.

Q: Why pictures are so small?

A: There are lots of pictures and applications from artists, storing them takes lots of hard drive space and downloading them with good resolution takes lots of time from reviewers. If the project gets accepted we will ask for PR quality images later on.

Q: What is a summary in the project description?

A: A summary is a short description of your work. It should convey what is most important about your project.

Q: Are you looking for documentary projects only?

A: No, we are looking for projects around and about the festivals theme, that is our only criteria. We welcome both documentary and contemporary art photography and we´re open to  new approaches with the medium.

Q: Do I need to have the project ready now?

A: Not necessarily. The project can still be in process, but you must be able to fill the application as required and have the works ready for shipment or printing on location as agreed.

Q: Why is the application process already over a year before the actual event?

A: With this schedule we aim to secure sufficent funding for the production, possible shipping and the artists travels from different supporters and possible sponsors. We wish to present new and fresh works  and with the long time frame we enable the artists to propose projects still in process and to give them time to finish their project for the festival.

Q: Should I receive a confirmation email, when my application is sent?

A: Not automatically. After you ensure that the application is complete and ready for reviewing and press “Submit” the application will be saved on the server. If you send us email  concerning your project submission, please refer to the project title – that will help us to find the right work.