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Theme for Backlight Photo Festival 2017

Backlight Photo Festival has opened the call for Backlight ´17, for photographers and artists working with lens-based media to submit their works in, under the theme Independence.

We are looking for proposals with critical, artistic and/or socially engaged approach and works which deliberate with – what independence nowadays stands for and how it relates to power and the ability of having an impact to the common status quo. And furthermore, how do we define, value and embrace individual and collective independence and how has the notion of independence shaped people and nations in the past?

We wish to open the theme of independence to reach beyond the thoughts related to recognized states and proclaimed brigades to ideas of peoples self-determination in relation to communities. How do we gain our self-reliance and identity as a child or as youngster? What is the future of young population in terms of economic and mental independence from their families, institutions and societies?

The role of a state in the world of global politics and economy has changed rapidly as economic viability takes over the strategic planning and as international agreements replace local people´s demands. Furthermore, when independence is gained through financial capacity and autarky, collective responsibility and equal autonomy seems often to be left behind. This easily leads to loudening discords, bitterness and spread of unsavoury ideologies and statements, discouraging independent evaluation ability.

We encourage the participants to question and re-define the different aspects of independence from the notion of self-reliance and identity, autonomies in closed communities and traditions to independence in modern societies and nation states -in (supra-) national, cultural, social, historical, gender- and status- based, financial, human, philosophical and other contexts as well as in the context of social and human structures.